How Registration Works

Voter registration is a necessary part of any democratic process, and involves taking information from individual voters in order to place their names in a voter register, proving their eligibility to participate in elections.

Voter registration is, therefore, key to political enfranchisement and it determines who is eligible to vote when elections take place. In many countries around the world, voter registration is also understood as an important moment in voter engagement, with civic associations and community organisations often conducting voter registration drives to expand awareness and voter enfranchisement.

Although this voter registration system is electronic, individuals do not register themselves on a website. Rather, the electronic voter registration system was created to be operated by trained and accredited volunteers, in advertised registration centers. Those wishing to register would need to find out when and where registration will take place in their area, and turn up with the necessary identification documents during the designated times for registration. At the registration center, an officer from the center would review documents and fill in the registration form. Once the registration form has been filled out and submitted, registrations would be given a registration number, confirming they have been registered to vote. Click to learn more about the documents that would be needed to register. If you are Palestinian and have none of the listed documents, you would register in the same way through a (vouching system).

The civic registration for PNC elections was designed to be run by Palestinian associations wherever Palestinians are living. It operates according to two simple, but important, principles. First, outreach to alert Palestinians to the civic drive must be done with the aim that everyone can hear about the opportunity to register to vote. The second is that those wishing to register to vote have an opportunity to do so. The voter registration drive for PNC elections would take place over a set time period; associations and clubs in various countries would arrange registration at their own times during that time. Registration dates and locations in each area would be advertised at least four weeks before registration opens.

Registration would be conducted by trained volunteers who register voters using a safe and secure electronic registration form that allows for the immediate verification of voters. The training of registration center volunteers, and the organization of the registration drives, would be undertaken by the different community and camp associations in coordination with the Facilitation Office or the relevant electoral authority.